About Us


Unprecedented exclusivity.  A consultant with a deeply passionate personal commitment to the cause.  Work that is honest and genuine, and moves and motivates people because of it's depth and quality

It seems obvious, but so often, as we become successful and our firms grow, the simple commitment to being personally involved gets lost in a sea of running a business, managing staff and juggling a growing client list. 

By 2006, Alfano Leonardo had become one of the top firms in the country. With my extremely talented partner, Matt Leonardo, we had grown a firm that had the pick of the best races in the country, and had become a leader in issue advocacy, consulting top clients like MyWireless.org, The US Chamber of Commerce and more. But with a growing, top-tier firm, I personally found I'd lost the ability to spend enough of my own time on the races and causes I deeply believed in. So I made the call to leave that direct partnership become a consultant to Matt's firm, and spin off to reopen my original firm, Alfano Communications.

My commitment is to make Alfano Communications the most exclusive, top political media firm in the country. I intend to take only a very few races, no more than 2 large statewides, and to spend my personal time and energy pouring myself into creating the most genuine, insightful, motivational advertising possible. I've returned to the time when I lived and breathed each campaign. And there is no greater proof that this decision was a strong one, than the extraordinary success of incredible clients like Governors Mitch Daniels and Terry Branstad. In 2008, The Washington Post and Campaigns and Elections Magazine called Governor Daniels' campaign the best in the country, and Governor Brandstad's comeback was heralded as one of the strongest in the nation.

For larger independent expenditure, corporate and advocacy work I will still team up with my old partners now working under the name Revolution-Agency. They are the very best at what they do. But for two key political races each cycle, Alfano Communications will deliver the very best quality, personally committed media consulting that can be had.