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Governor Mitch Daniels, IN



Mitch Daniels started his 2004 challenger race an underdog facing a popular incumbent Governor. Mitch was pegged as a dry, tough, unapproachable corporate big shot and Washington insider, out of touch with the people of Indiana. After a year of personal and uniquely raw advertising Daniels went from trailing by 30% to winning by 9%.

In 2008, Mitch Daniels took nothing for granted. At the end of 2007 his negative approval ratings were as high as his positives. In a head to head against his eventual opponent Jill Long Thompson, his ballot support was in the mid 40s. After a series of genuine, authentic opening ads featuring a candid Governor acknowledging his flaws alongside his successes, Mitch’s numbers rebounded. His right track number rose to 56-38.

On Election Day, despite a historic Democrat wave, and Barak Obama taking Indiana, Governor Daniels won easily by 18%. His approvals were at 59%. He won 79 of 92 counties, 24% of the Democrat vote, 20% of the African American vote and he won independent voters 57% - 39%.

“I had people tell me they literally stopped what they were doing to go to their TV set to watch our ads!”

Governor Mitch Daniels

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