"Exceptionally creative. Fully integrated."

Mike Greenberg


About Mike

Mike Greenberg is a NYC based hands-on Producer and Director, specializing in unscripted action/adventure travel, sports and documentaries. His production company, Konspiracy Studios combines commercial production value with skate-creator aesthetic and a quick-cut flashy style. As Director, Originals for Whistle Sports, he piloted and directed, F2's Finding Football (8 x 22’ YouTube Premium) and was Showrunner on Closed Course: Sarajevo (10 x 4' Verizon go90). Previously he worked as Producer, Development &Production at Alkemy X, shooting and editing sizzles and pilots for networks including Food Network, Velocity and VH1.

Mike's cutting edge abilities and refreshingly a-political style bring a degree of originality and impact that breaks our work out of the cookie cutter predictability of most traditional advertising. Mike is also our Director of Digital Message Integration. Tapping an array of New York's top digital agencies, Mike has perfected Alfano's ability to create original and wholeistic media. His work on truly innovative projects like "choose your own path" videos, and interactive programming tools, raise our digital messaging creative beyond mere copies of broadcast strategies to media that captures the imagination of the digital consumer and maximizes the impact and reach of messaging on all types of digital media platforms.


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