“Unorthodox. Creative. Brilliant!” – Congressman Tom Cole (OK-4)


“Her professionalism is superb, she has a great creative flair. – She has a terrific touch for communicating with young people with women…” 

– Governor Mitch Daniels, IN


“I had people tell me they literally stopped what they were doing to go to their TV set to watch our ads!”  – Governor Mitch Daniels, IN


Really good quality.  People that understand that message is the most important thing.  Honest, effective sincere communication.”  – Senator John Ashcroft, MO, American Values PAC


“People already knew me. I had been Governor before. So our ads had to be personal and authentic – and it was seamless” – Governor Terry Branstad, IA

Their ads were first class – better than any I’d seen in Tennessee” -Senator Lamar Alexander, TN


“Someone who’s actually won races before.  Someone you can rely on” – Senator Lamar Alexander, TN


“I’m a big advocate for Kim and always will be.  I recommend her very, very highly to anyone seeking public office.” –  Governor Mitch Daniels, IN


“She provided the discipline.  She provided the focus.  The creativity.  The ingenuity. I would not have won if it weren’t for Kim.  That is a flat, unadulterated, uncompromising fact as far as I am concerned.”  – Governor Frank Keating, OK


“There was a chemistry from the get go.  She really understood me and our campaign and did an outstanding job of putting that on film.” – Governor Terry Branstad, IA


“The ads themselves were superbMoved numbers dramatically.“ – Governor Frank Keating, OK


“People would come up and say, ‘I’m a Democrat but I loved your ads, and I’m going to vote for you!” “ – Congressman JC Watts, OK-4


“I’ve run for office before – sometimes won sometimes lost, but I’ve never felt so good, from start to finish, about the ads!” – Governor Frank Keating, OK


“Lots of people were sitting around giving advice but what I remember about Alfano is they actually got it done!” – Senator Lamar Alexander, TN


“It’s one thing for your consultant to know what you want to communicate. It’s another thing to work with it and not let it go until it says what you are and what you believe.” – Senator John Ashcroft, MO – American Values PAC


“I’ve held a lot of offices in politics, Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, Chairman of the Republican National Committee and at that level of public policy and politics you work with excellent, top tier people.  Alfano is the best I’ve seen.”  – Governor Jim Gilmore, VA


“We simply had the best ads of anyone in Alabama.” – Governor Bob Riley, AL


“The thing that really separated our ads – that made them better than any I’d seen was how personal they were.”  Governor Bob Riley, AL


“I have never had so many people tell me how good those spots were and how right on message they were.” – Representative Jo Ann Emerson, MO-8


“Alfano has a unique way of looking at issues and drawing out the emotion within them. They skillfully communicated the urgency of the census undercount and put a face on the problem.” – Sec. Ken Blackwell, Chairman,U.S. Census Monitoring Board


“I look at it and I say – That’s what I want. They just did an excellent job in capturing the heart of JC Watts.” – Congressman J.C. Watts, OK-04


“The ability to move into a state, to look at the candidate and make that candidate and his message believable—to absorb the culture of the state and put it on film…I mean that is very remarkable.” – Governor Frank Keating, OK


We simply didn’t miss on anything. Not one thing.” – Governor Frank Keating, OK


The Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza Names Daniel’s Campaign Best in the Country in 2008.


The Indianapolis Star’s Mathew Tully calls Daniels “Kick A” ad , “a visually simple but stunning 60-second piece of work that makes you feel as if you're sitting in a dark theater watching a preview for the latest Will Smith blockbuster.”


“We wanted people with the talent and drive to make a difference in the decades ahead, whatever jobs, careers, or causes they felt drawn to. And we found an extraordinary group of them…”

Regarding Kim Alfano selected as one of “100 People to Watch”  – Washingtonian Magazine


“Late in the summer of 1997, when Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jim Gilmore (R) was looking for a way to solidify his lead by drawing more female voters to his campaign, he made a shrewd move.  He called Kim Alfano.   A rapidly rising star among GOP circles, Alfano had previously helped elect such prominent Republican leaders as Rep. JC Watts (OK-4) and Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating with a blend of wit, emotion and energy she displayed in crafting hard hitting television ads.  And Gilmore hoped she could deliver the same magic for him… One could argue she did that and more.”            – Roll Call