...he made a shrewd move. He called Kim Alfano.

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Attorney General candidates are usually considered tough, hard, no nonsense law men. Traits, one might think, would turn off women voters. After a series of emotional ads designed to humanize the issues and highlight Attorney General Mike Hunter's incredible success protecting families, Hunter's favorables among women rose from 35% - 53%.

In his first race, Mitch Daniels would have to explain his years of service in Washington DC where he was known as a brutal budget slasher. In addition, in the age of Enron, he knew he'd be attacked for leaving his job as CEO of Eli Lilly at a time when pensions were hurting. We knew opponents were set on attacking his exit package. We made a preemptive, single :60 second ad that featured a school that was saving hundreds of at risk Hoosier youth, that Mitch started with this exit money. Within the first week of airing, we had eradicated any gender gap, moved our over all numbers by 9 points and effectively shut down any attack on this issue. The ad: https://vimeo.com/65944204

Protecting our families is especially important to most women. And in very conservative Oklahoma they pride themselves on a powerful commitment to law and order. However, despite this, Oklahoma is still ground zero in the horrific opioid crisis. Incarceration rates, especially among women, are nearly the highest in the nation. Alfano was hired to put a human face on this crisis and on criminal justice reform. We needed to convince women, desperate to keep their families safe, that rehabilitation and mental health programs are a far better way to protect families and save lives than jail. After a series of ads featuring recovering addicts that showed voters these people could be your sons and daughters, your family and friends, this race went from virtually impossible 20 point deficit to a 17 point victory.


When Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Jim Gilmore was looking for a way to solidify his lead by drawing more female voters to his campaign, he made a shrewd move. He called Kim Alfano. A rapidly rising star, Alfano had previously helped elect such prominent Republican leaders as Rep. JC Watts (Ok-4) and Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating with a blend of wit, emotion and energy she displayed in crafting hard hitting television ads. Gilmore hoped she could deliver the same magic for him... One could argue she did that and more."

- Roll Call

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